Garden Design Yellow Limestone Patio, Pergola, Raised Beds,Preston Park, Julianstown co. Meath

Photo of curved yellow limestone patio, pergola and raised beds
Garden design, yellow limestone patio & pergola with raised beds

This garden was designed and completed with a yellow limestone patio, timber pergola and raised beds at Julianstown co. Meath. The patio was designed with a curved yellow limestone patio designed to receive the evening sun with a timber pergola  above with wisteria climbers planted in large pots. Limestone paving to the surround of the house with curving raised beds and brick mowing edge. Trellis & climbers were fixed to the the walls with mixed perennial and shrub planting in the beds and some dwarf fruit trees with a separate area for growing vegetables To the side of the house we paved and gravelled an area for the storage of wheelie bins and storage box unit. The lawn and paths were quite uneven and are objective was to create a more level garden overall which we will achieve by importing fresh top soil and rotavating the ground. We look forward to returning sowing  anew lawn in the Springtime when conditions are more suitable for sowing grass seed to complete this garden makeover.


Photo of bare garden no plants, swing set
Bare Lawn Garden before
Photo of bare grey garden block walls
Bare block walls


Photo of area for proposed patio
Proposed patio area to gain western evening sun


Photo of 3d garden design with pergola and curving patio
Garden design in Elevation
Image of Garden design plan view
Garden design plan view


Photo of oil tank screening with willow frames
Oil tank screening with willow
Photo of Timber Pergola and Yellow limestone patio
Timber Pergola and Yellow limestone patio
Photo of low raised beds in a garden
Lowraised kerbed beds with brick mowing edge
Photo of New paved and gravelled area for bins and storage units
New paved and gravelled area for bins and storage units
Photo of yellow limestone paving with recessed manhole covers
Yellow limestone paving and recessed paving manhole covers

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