Garden Design, Mount Sandford, Drogheda co.Louth

Image of Curving Sandstone terrace raised lawn and beds
Curving Sandstone terrace raised lawn and beds

This is a garden we designed and constructed in Drogheda co.Louth.  The 3D garden design  contains new contemporary styled curving raised beds that can be used for seating .

It also contains an ample sized Indian Sandstone patio space to follow the sun throughout the day and low maintenance styled lawn and beds.

Seasonal planting encorporated in the garden design include cottage perennials and prarie styled grasses provide colour and interest throughout the year. An overall attractive and stylish reinvigorated garden space for its owners to enjoy.

Uninviting garden space
Bare garden wall and view from house
2 D Garden design concept
Birds eye  view of garden
Raised lawn and beds
Low maintenance garden
Ample sandstone patio space for entertaining and relaxation

Contemporary Low Maintenance Garden ,Roschoill,Drogheda ,co.Louth

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