New Block Paved Driveway Foxfield, Raheny co.Dublin

This new block paved driveway with its warm hues of reds,pinks and dark blues  enhances the property as a whole while creates an inviting and welcoming  approach to the house.The driveway is wide enough to make a comfortable exit from a car while leaving room to pass easily around all sides but still retaining its soft front garden appeal.




Original concrete driveway
The original concrete drive had become a tired drab rigid grey mass and stained with detritus from the over years. It wasn’t wide enough to make approach to the house comfortable while a car was parked on it and our client wanted a new look also for her front garden.
Axonometric driveway and front garden design to incorporate the original lawn.
Newly completed driveway
The curving driveway complements and unites the garden with the home. While the raised kerb edged beds
defines the borders and gives the bark and edge to retain against .
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