Raised Curving Yellow Limestone Patio Bettystown co.Meath

Raised yellow limestone patio.

This is a new curved raised yellow limestone patio we recently installed in Bettystown co. Meath. Our clients wished to have a large patio for entertaining and relaxing outdoors on that would complement their home and garden. After an initial consultation and advice on different materials they chose an Indian yellow limestone paving slab for its warmth of colour and relative ease of care.

The curve of the new raised patio extends down to a larger area for entertaining and catching the evening sun. While the paving extends replacing their existing concrete path which had become broken and uneven over time. Recessed lids with the limestone paving set in them replaced their existing manholes giving a sleek unified look to the patio finish . While new soft planting of cottage perennials replaced some of the larger existing shrubs which were removed.


Patio area before


3D Patio design
Raised beds and plantings to the sides of the bed.


View of patio from their conservatory.


View of the curving raised patio and garden

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