Rear Garden Design With Grey Limestone Patio, Turf Lawn & Raised beds ,The Cairns, Drogheda.

Picture of limestone patio, turf lawn and raised sleeper bed
Limestone patio garden design

This is a new rear garden design we transformed in the Cairns Drogheda with grey limestone patio, turf lawn & raised beds. It was previously a gravel garden as in the image below and offered little in terms of the look or feel of  a real natural garden and hadn’t a defined hard patio space to enjoy the garden or a lawn for children to play on. We removed all the stone and hardcore base and imported fresh top soil. We then created raised beds with cottage style perennials, laid a new turf lawn with brick mowing edge to reduce strimming of the edges. A raised sleeper bed was created also for growing vegetables in against the side wall.The walls were painted to take the harsh look of the block walls away and trellis and climbers were attached for the side area.

Patio area before
Gravel garden before
3D Garden design


New turf lawn, limestone patio and raised beds


New raised sleeper vegetable beds
New limestone patio area
Side garden before


New low maintenance side garden area

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