Redesigning A Driveway With A New Curved Front Step, Cleaning & Sealing Of Block Paving ,Wellseley Manor, Bettystown, Co.Meath

This is a driveway we redesigned to include replacing of the ramped paving to the house with a new half moon curved step. With removing of the existing side bed , cleaning,re grouting and sealing of the driveway we rejuvenated this ageing driveway. By lifting all the blocks and cleaning we reset the sunken paving areas. While previously extended paving blocks which didn’t match in their current position were reworked into the new design so that they weren’t as prominent. Cleaning and sealing of the driveway would help rejuvenate the block paving enhancing the colour of the paving while helping prevent oil staining and the infiltration of ¬†weeds seeds. Makes future cleaning easier also.
Driveway before with noticeable un-matching block paving
New half moon step.

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