Garden Design,Boyne Hall, Drogheda co.Louth

Front garden landscaped

This is part of a property we landscaped in Boyne Hall, Drogheda, co.Louth. The property had become quite overgrown and needed cutting back  and some extensive finishing to the grounds. This  included the installation of a new paved and gravelled driveway. New seeded lawn, decking, fencing  and plantings.

Front garden before
Front driveway before
Driveway paved
New entrance paved
Driveway completed
Overgrown shrubbery
Shrubbery thinned and ground seeded and new bark path with a timber edge fitted.
Rear garden boundary and path before
New fencing and path
New decking and seeded lawn
New deck and ligths
Rear parking area before
Rear parking area cleaned and gravelled
New raised beds and trellis

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