Terraced Garden Design, Donegal Quartz Paving, Raised Beds, The Spires, Termonfeckin co.Louth

Garden design & construction in a range of styles and materials to suit your tastes, home and garden.This terraced garden design is one we created in Termonfeckin co. Louth with Donegal Quartz paving and country stone raised beds. It previously was sloped towards the house which made the garden wet near the house as well as the lawn difficult to cut. Our client wanted the slope reduced and a new patio area that she could enjoy throughout the year.  We created a design for her that which would remodel the slope to a terrace design with a small retaining wall and two steps to a level lawn area which would be easy to cut with mowing edge bricks against a curving low maintenance style raised beds. These were constructed using contrasting colours of greys and browns to the bright and warm colours of the Donegal quartz paving which is a very durable indigenous stone.

Original sloping garden
Sloping garden to house with little patio space
Proposed garden design
Terrace garden with steps to lawn and  curving raised beds
Donegal quartz paving and beds
Finished garden with large terrace area and new lawn & beds

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